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Hauling and Rigging Company

Hauling And Rigging Company
Hauling And Rigging Company
The hauling and rigging industry in America has several companies operating as heavy crawlers and lifting companies, specializing in house moving, construction and fitting jobs, machinery transport and facilities turn key projects.  There are also several crawlers who only depend on rented equipments to handle some projects that require cranes, and or special equipments for complicated jobs.
Heavy hauling and rigging needs are usually complicated and the industries that need this mode of transportation are becoming keen on selecting the right crawlers to handle the job. They may require some pre-qualification documents, inspection, and even interviews from company crews to determine the reliability and expertise of the crawler and rigging company.   The long experience is only a preliminary condition, but detailing on previous projects handled are key factors in determining the right crawler and rigger for the job.  If the job calls for transformers to move, then the experience would be on the number of transformers moved, its dimensions and weight handling capabilities.  Response time would become an important factor if the job is on time sensitive environments.
This hauling and rigging company that has been operating since 1961 has already mastered transport issues on house moving, building moves, bridges relocations, valuable sculpture moves, locomotive moves which actually only represents 5 percent of the company’s operations.   Today, it has mastered transport projects for various industries including; the nuclear plant facilities, the conventional power utilities, the manufacturing and automotive industries, the petrochemical and oil refineries. 

Realizing their key role in the transport industry, the company has structured their management systems and human resources to provide the most safe quality service to its clients.  On its human resources augmentation, they retain good performing personnel and continue to select and screen new candidates to meet company requirements.  Now fully staffed, their personnel comes from a multitude of discipline including; marine, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical and instrumentation engineering.  These personnel work together, as professionals dedicated to overall excellence.

Unlike some of the crawlers and riggers in the industry, the company invested a substantial amount on its fleet, reputed to be the most advance technology in the world today.   These equipments complement the highly qualified personnel of the company to provide the most complete solutions to the challenging and complicated hauling and rigging needs in America today.   Its extensive experience in handling industrial moves and plant upgrades had paid up a lot for the company.  With the hundreds of transformers they move every year, they are able to fine tune their engineering methodology to handle these transport jobs, mostly on time sensitive environments and during their most critical time of shutdowns and changeovers.

While several crawlers and rigger have closed down due to the economic crisis, this hauling and rigging company continues to survive the time, beating the economic crisis, maintaining its valuable human resources, and continues to upgrade its state of the art equipments, to meet client’s needs cost effectively, within budget, and above all free from accidents.

In this industry, there is no substitute for experience. 
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